Still working despite the Pandemic

It’s July, we should be leaving for Haiti this week. But of course, the COVID-19 Pandemic has stopped us. The impact of this pandemic is so far beyond just the medical impact. Many organizations have been unable to continue providing aid in Haiti. So many are hungry. There has been more political unrest. But we continue to do what we […]

Still reeling from the loss . . .

We didn’t even get to posting information about our January 1, 2018 trip when we learned that our Haitian leader, Patrick Charles passed away from an illness relating to high blood pressure and kidney failure. This was tremendous emotional blow to our entire team. We are still reeling. . . Patrick left two children orphans and we have been working […]

End of year notes – 2017

2017 in Review The feeding program started in 2013 continued by providing over $22,000 worth of beans and rice to the neediest people through 30 neighborhood churches. (That’s about 88,000 meals!) Again, we provided 1,200 lbs of beans and 600 lbs of rice to AIDs patients who cannot take their medicine without food. Our teams in January and July worked […]

In Memoriam: Vilouse Paul

We are saddened by the loss in our Empowering Haitians family. Vilouse Paul, our microloan program and sustainable feeding program lead died 2/9/2017 after a valiant fight with cancer. She leaves behind her devoted husband, Patrick, and her two children Gloria (14) and Gomax (10). She also leaves a hole in our heart. She had such love and desire to […]

Empowering Haitians Presidents Report 2016

1/04/2017 2016 was a year of growth and frustration, Joy and Sadness. Empowering Haitians was able to help support several new first time visitors to Haiti while welcoming back “veterans” as well. EH started because we wanted to help reduce the barriers, and mitigate fears about doing volunteer work in Haiti. By having new people who represent new churches come […]

Two weeks post Hurricane Matthew

While Cap Haitian did not have extensive damage done during the hurricane, the same can’t be said for the rest of Haiti.  The picture below shows how an already deforested nation, lost even more trees.  One of the most striking things is the effluent that you see going into the ocean.  The color of the stream just shows the level […]

Hurricane Matthew

Haiti is a country that cant seem to catch a break.  They had 6 years of relative political stability and were beginning to see investments from outside entities, only to have the presidential race fall apart and lead to a situation where there was a complete vacuum of leadership.  Once the political situation seemed like it would be straightened out […]

July 2016

We had a wonderful trip to Haiti in July. It was a great joy to have Michael and Anna Goldston join us again. Michael is now a pastor in the South Carolina United Methodist Church and he had encouraged two new pastors to come to Haiti as a part of their preparation for ordination. We took the opportunity to work, […]

Our favorite story from 2015

Our Favorite Story from 2015 Shindrine can walk again. In fact she can dance and climb the rocky terrain to her home unassisted. In our 2014 letter, we told you our hope to partner with “The Haiti Mission” and UVA Hospital to bring sixteen year old, Shindrine, to the United States for a much needed hip replacement surgery. She had […]

Word from Haiti

This Christmas, Patrick Charles, who leads our sister organization “Espoir Haitian” in Haiti, shared with us a heartfelt summary of our work together in Haiti and a dream he had of our role in the life of his community. These are his words, with just a few grammatical changes. We found them inspiring and hope you will as well. “I […]