MicroLoan Group 4

July 2010 Group 4 – Benita Noël, Manouse Desamour (not pictured), Nadine Pierre (not pictured), Marlene Myrtil, Katia Pierre (not pictured)

The women in Group 4 live just up the hill, close to the Espoir Haitian office, in Bel Air.  They are all neighbors with some family interconnections.  These women are all serious about their business.  While many women resell items from the Dominican Republic, Manouse Desamour is the first we’ve met who also resells items from Cap Haitian in the Dominican Republic thus capitalizing twice on her transportation costs.  Unfortunately, we were not able to get a group photo.  Manouse, Nadine and Katia were unable to leave their businesses for the photo.

NOËL, Benita – Benita, 58, sells dry good and eggs purchased in the Dominican Republic at the large local market.  She travels to the Dominican Republic on Mondays and Fridays[1].  She has been successful with this business for 7 years and has sold clothing in the Dominican Republic as well.  She would expand her business with more inventory and addition products to include mayonnaise and ketchup.  Benita’s daughter is in the loan group, Katia Pierre.  Benita lives with her son, 22.  She completed the 9th grade.

DESAMOUR, Manouse – Manouse, 29, sells and buys in the Dominican Republic and locally.  On Mondays and Fridays she travels to Dajabón and sells clothing that she’s purchased at the local depo.  She also purchases plates and household items there and sells them at the 3rd street market.  Manouse is dedicated to growing her business and is often looking for new ways to expand.  From her success she’s been able to build herself a house.  In the past, she’s also sold hot food on the street in the school district.  Manouse’s fiance is the son of Benita Noël.  Manouse lives with her son, 6.  She completed the 10th grade.

PIERRE, Nadine – Nadine, 30, resells clothing on 3rd street everyday but Sunday.  She buys 2 boxes of assorted clothes every 3 or 4 days and resells them individually. She would like to be able to purchase in greater quantity and has been selling this way for 4 years.  She lives with her husband, who works construction laying tiles, and her son (11) and daughter (2).  When Nadine is working her Aunt minds the 2 yr old.  She completed the 10th grade.

MYRTIL, Marlene – Marlene, 35, has a walking clothing business since 1996.  She is well known throughout because she spends many hours every day, except Sunday, walking the neighborhoods carrying clothing.  She does sometimes get a spot at 3rd, 9th or 24th street but has more success walking and selling.  She buys the clothing individually from 3rd street vendors.  Children’s clothing sells the best and she can make $200 H to $300 H ($25 to $35 US) a week.  She would like to buy in greater bulk, by the dozen.  She would store her inventory locked in her house.  She lives with her 2 sons (6, 9), 18m old daughter, and husband a construction worker and mason.  Her husband or mother-in-law watch the little girl when she is out working.  She completed the 9th grade.

PIERRE, Katia – Katia, 30, sells new shoes on 3rd street.  She purchases sneakers and sandals in bulk, by the box.  She stores her inventory in a rented space at the depo and sells one or two entire boxes in a month.  She has been successful in this business for the last 6 years. She lives with her son (6) and gets some support from the child’s father who works as a money counter at the bank.  She completed the 10th grade.

[1] The border city Dajabón is open for trade without a passport to Haitians and Dominicans on Mondays and Fridays.

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