Our work has two basic categories.  Recurring and non-recurring work.

The recurring projects are projects in which we invest time and money on a yearly basis. We don’t necessarily work on the projects on each trip; we do try to try to make repairs and ensure that the projects are working and doing what they were designed to do.  While we do train local community members to perform maintenance systems but it sometimes takes several cycles of install-break-repair before the system stays operational on its own for long periods of time.

The non-recurring work is generally driven by a team member who has a specific goal or knowledge set in mind that they want to try out in Haiti.  Some of these projects show promise and some are shown to be less useful or culturally unacceptable.  Non-recurring projects are also driven by our team leads in Haiti.  These individuals will point out or discover areas that could use simple projects or that basically just need capital in order for a program to become self-sustaining.