Michael Goldston

All Things Are Possible Through Christ

“I have nothing in my pockets, but I am a rich man. God preserves my life.” These are the words of Pastor Louis of Christ Church. He pastors a congregation of 150 in a tin roof, tin walled hut. He also attends the care of about 6 orphans who live in one room and sleep on the bare concrete floor. We talk about sacrifices pastors in the US make; this man was well-off enough to attend 7 years of seminary, and now he cares for the poorest of the poor. He loves Jesus so deeply; it shines out of his eyes when he talked. He said his congregation would pray for us to get more resources so we could come back again and continue to build our relationship and help his community. People in the neighborhood bring food by for the orphans and church members help care for them. Some had no shoes; all were tiny for their ages. We played soccer, sang songs, did crafts, and gave them some food and drinks.
If you helped fund this mission, I hope you feel blessed by the prayers of the Haitian people for you. Your money is going towards food and toys for orphans, cement and block to build a church, and pay the Haitians who are working so hard with us.
We also met with 25 or 30 local pastors. Good men who have given their lives to serve God leading congregations of the poorest of the poor. We discovered something interesting in our conversation. The are leading big congregations, but need buildings to meet and worship in. We have big buildings, but our congregations are dwindling. I wish we could come together with our buildings and people. One observation we have made. To be considered poor in Haiti means that your children are starving. It is normal for adults to not eat everyday, and for children to eat only once.