Improving education and schools in Cap Haitian will change communities. We are inspired by the school building of Greg Mortenson. So many people have read the book Three Cups of Tea; it has brought more attention to education in poor places.

Currently, we are trying to help two schools in Cap Haitian.

On the very quick October 2010 trip, MaryLu saw a pre-school and kindergarten, “Kindergarten child of Jesus and Fatima”. MaryLu met with the head teacher, Josef Luke. They have space, 4 classrooms, but the setup seems very uninviting. The benches they had were made of old crates and heavy card board. This “might” work for older kids but not for the 2 yr olds, 3 yr olds, 4 yr olds and 5 yr olds. They also had some small plastic chairs but not enough and several of them were dangerously “fixed” into a bench. It was what they could afford. So, we want to help them get some little tables, plastic chairs, and a bookshelf with developmentally appropriately toys. Then the fact that they have instructors and space to work could really start to make this school a positive place.

MaryLu also met again with Pastor Joseph Anique. We’ve met with him several times since January 2010 and were able to deliver a gift from Sudley UMC to help him buy books. He asked to use some of the money to purchase benches because the children don’t have places to work. The school is incredibly poor. There is no nice way to describe the location. It is half way up a hill of concrete, the road is not passable with vehicles and is essentially an open sewer. When the rains come, the water washes the trash and excrement from the cement homes down the hill through the street. The school is also a church, it is a flat place on the hill covered with a corrugated metal roof and walls. The children gathered around when we visited. They were so excited that we had come to see their school. Waleze (6) and Peter (10) posed for a picture in the school. They need so much more than the $1050 we gave for books. We really want to get a food program started from the school and church. We need to educate the children if they ever hope to escape this terrible poverty.

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