Word from Haiti

This Christmas, Patrick Charles, who leads our sister organization “Espoir Haitian” in Haiti, shared with us a heartfelt summary of our work together in Haiti and a dream he had of our role in the life of his community. These are his words, with just a few grammatical changes. We found them inspiring and hope you will as well.

“I had a dream and a big light passed in the front of me and then scenes of myself as child, growing up until now as a volunteer. A voice spoke to me saying “before you were born I chose you and the Empowering Haitians team to be the guardians of the poor. Even though it is hard for you to stay calm, don’t worry. I have a plan for you. I will multiply all you do.” When I awoke, I knew I had heard the truth. Since 2005, we have fed the people with 700,000 meals. And there is more. We built houses, toilets, churches and water projects. We have given microloans and goats. We have helped sick people, paid for school and surgery. We’ve given chickens, built benches for schools, run electricity and bought a transformer. We’ve helped AIDS patients and fed over 20 church groups, some with over 600 people. It’s pretty amazing to see how much work we have done, and how many people we have touched.”