Our favorite story from 2015

Our Favorite Story from 2015

Shindrine can walk again. In fact she can dance and climb the rocky terrain to her home unassisted. In our 2014 letter, we told you our hope to partner with “The Haiti Mission” and UVA Hospital to bring sixteen year old, Shindrine, to the United States for a much needed hip replacement surgery. She had been unable to walk or play since she fell as a child and damaged her hip. The needed surgery was unavailable in Haiti.

This July, Shindrine traveled to Charlottesville with her father and had hip replacement surgery. She stayed in the U.S. for 6 weeks recovering and was able to come visit us for several days. After all it took to get her here; it felt like she joined our family when she came to stay with us. We hope she can visit us this summer and we can continue to be a part of her life.