Still reeling from the loss . . .

We didn’t even get to posting information about our January 1, 2018 trip when we learned that our Haitian leader, Patrick Charles passed away from an illness relating to high blood pressure and kidney failure.

This was tremendous emotional blow to our entire team. We are still reeling. . .

Patrick left two children orphans and we have been working diligently to ensure they are cared for, fed and educated. MaryLu is personally working hard to bring these children to the US, per Patrick’s wishes and to adopt them.

Patrick also left the Haitian team without a leader. The community came together to mourn him but also, inspired by him, determined to carry on the mission of Espoir Haitian and Empowering Haitians. The Haitian organization was renamed Foundation Patrick Charles (FPC). FPC hosted the July 2018 mission team and continued great work running a vacation bible school and adding more steps to the much needed sidwalk up the trechous mountain.

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