Haitian Parole

Several members of our American team have applied to become sponsors for Haitians seeking to come to the United States. In March, Michael and I welcomed two people into our home from Haiti. We helped D. get a work permit and get connected with various social services. Her son, T., finished up 4th grade here in Manassas and we loved […]

June 2023 – more toilets

It does seem that Cap Haitian is getting safer but with the travel advisory still in effect we didn’t send an American Team to help with the building projects this summer. The team did great work building more toilets in the community. We also continued the feeding program and the well baby/maternity clinic.

January 2023

USCIS announced a new process for Haitians to come to the United States for a period of 2 years to escape the terrible humanitarian situation. Michael and I have already decided to try to be a sponsor to several individuals using this program.  The work in Cap continues. The team just sent me pictures of the January project: more toilets! […]

Projects of 2022

Even among the worsening political and economic conditions, and they are heartbreaking, Empowering Haitians strives to offer hope.  We offer it from afar for yet another year.  If we were to travel and work along side our Haitian friends, not only would we be at risk, but we put them at risk for further gang violence.  With all the innovation […]

August 2021 – Steps for Safety

We were all vaccinated and ready to visit. Unfortunately the political instability kept us in Virginia. The team did a great job on a set of steps up the mountain. These steps help make the walkways safe and help with water management.

Sanitation Project: Construction of 4 community toilets

This project really was one that answered the cries of the community. With the completion of 4 community toilets, the neighborhood of Bel Aire in Cap Haitian will be cleaner and more sanitary. We wish we could have traveled to work with the team on this project but they did a great job on their own.

Still working despite the Pandemic

It’s July, we should be leaving for Haiti this week. But of course, the COVID-19 Pandemic has stopped us. The impact of this pandemic is so far beyond just the medical impact. Many organizations have been unable to continue providing aid in Haiti. So many are hungry. There has been more political unrest. But we continue to do what we […]

End of year 2020 – Thank you

The pandemic changed life significantly for all of us, but it didn’t stop us from continuing our work to help the poor in Haiti. Because of our many years connected with the people in Cap Haitian, we were able to fund projects and continue the feeding program even though travel was not possible. We are grateful that our friends in […]

Merry Christmas 2020!

We were excited to hear that the president of FPC, Antoine Pierre, is a proud father to twin baby girls born 12/16/20. Pierre is working hard to secure health kits to distribute this Christmas in addition to the coordination of our weekly food program. It was so hard to be unable to visit our friends in Haiti this year, but […]

2019 Thank you

2019 – Haiti is still hard. The contrast to life in the US is still dramatic. The city is dirty, the homes inadequate, clean water, and food are hard to achieve for all but the most wealthy families. This year saw absurdly high gas prices of $20 a gallon, the closing schools, riots in the streets, and mass malnutrition. Michael […]